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CONTACT SEO Hungary Online Marketing Szolgáltatások SEO Hungary Online Marketing Szolgáltatások
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CONTACT SEO Hungary Online Marketing Szolgáltatások SEO Hungary Online Marketing Szolgáltatások


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SEO Hungary Online Marketing Szolgáltatások

I coordinate online marketing work. 2005 I have been dealing with online marketing as my main activity since. Learning the basics through courses and self-taught, to this day i am a frequent visitor to marketing festivals and am constantly training myself. We have already taken many well-known and smaller businesses to success, references are of course available on request. Our main target group is foreign companies, who want to conquer the market in Hungary and Hungarian companies, who want to sell successfully abroad. follow me facebookon, instagramon and linkedin-You can find it too.

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Our prices

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make an accurate offer without detailed information. In general, we recommend the following packages.


  • What does it contain?
  • SEO audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • 10 link building
  • Exploring technical problems
  • Consultation
  • Report
  • Period: 30 nap


  • What does it contain? Everything you need to get started!
  • Website onsite repair
  • Keyword analysis
  • 4 (social) registration
  • 8 link building
  • Google search console and analytics registration
  • Report
  • Consultation
  • Period: 30 nap


  • What does it contain? Everything you need to fix it!
  • Understandable SEO audit
  • Link profile analysis
  • Repair work control
  • Verification of work performed
  • Consultation
  • Google search console and analytics registration
  • Report
  • Period: 30 nap
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Excellent team, effective and persistent, already 10 I have been working with them for years!

Magyar Endre, Magyar Endre

I am glad, that I chose them 7 year ago, we have been working together successfully ever since!

János Gátas, White Dental

Since I work with them, my website traffic is much higher, convert more efficiently and better.

Tamás Horváth, Design Ker Kft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions, unfortunately not everything can be here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

How to make effective decisions in the field of marketing based on data?2023-07-04T17:35:22+02:00

Effective decisions can be made based on the data, when the data is analyzed, trends are interpreted and recommendations are followed. Based on the data, better strategies and tactics can be developed, and marketing efforts can be optimized.

Why content marketing is important?2023-07-04T11:25:46+02:00

Content marketing is key to customer attraction and engagement. Quality content helps website visibility, attracting visitors and building customer relationships.

How the process of competitive analysis is done?2023-07-05T10:05:06+02:00

The competitive analysis process consists of several steps. First of all, we identify the main competitors. Next, we examine the websites of competitors, SEO strategies, your advertising strategies and content marketing strategies. Finally, we collect and analyze the data, and we make suggestions for developing your own online strategy.

How long does SEO take??2023-07-03T18:52:39+02:00

SEO is not a quick process – it usually lasts for months, we achieve visible results. However, in the long run, SEO is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to increase website traffic..

For what types of businesses is competitive analysis recommended??2023-07-05T10:04:10+02:00

Competitive analysis is recommended for all types of businesses, which wants to improve its online presence and competitiveness in the digital market.

I still have questions, who can i turn to?2014-09-01T14:30:44+02:00

Call or email, we can even sit down to talk to you in person, if required by the project. Usually skype, phone, email communication works well and fast, but if you consider personal contact to be appropriate, then we will not shy away from it either!

How competitive analysis helps me develop my own online strategy?2023-07-05T10:03:32+02:00

Competitive analysis helps you identify your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, based on which you can improve your own online strategy. For example, if competitors use a strong SEO strategy, then you can take this into account when developing your own SEO strategy.

What is conversion optimization (CRO)?2023-07-04T17:20:35+02:00

Conversion optimization (CRO) a process, which aims to increase the conversion rate of websites. This means, to encourage more visitors, to perform a desired activity on the website, such as a purchase or subscription.

If I'm not 6 after months satisfied then what can I do?2014-09-01T14:46:30+02:00

Successful contracts 6 months with a grace period, if during this time we are unable to show a result that you are satisfied with, then you can terminate the contract without any consequences!

What is WordPress and why is it used to create websites?2023-07-06T14:41:16+02:00

WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS), which is primarily used to create websites and blogs. WordPress is extremely flexible and customizable, it has many plugins and themes, with which almost any type of website can be created.

What types of content can be created in content marketing?2023-07-04T11:26:45+02:00

Content marketing can include many types of content, such as blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, e-books, podcasts and more. The type of content is determined by your target audience and your marketing goals.

What is influencer marketing??2023-07-04T15:53:20+02:00

Influencer marketing is an online marketing strategy, in which we create promotions and content with the help of influencers to reach the target audience and increase brand awareness. Influencers have an authentic relationship with their followers, and can have a big impact on customer decisions.

How WordPress helps with SEO?2023-07-06T14:43:46+02:00

WordPress has many SEO-friendly features, including clear URLs, the meta tags, and content optimization. In addition, there are many SEO plugins available for WordPress, which help to further optimize your website for search engines.

How online market research helps my business?2023-07-03T18:05:44+02:00

With the help of online market research, you can better understand your customers, market trends and your competitors. This information helps you make better decisions about your products, about your pricing and marketing strategy, and reach your target market more effectively.

Why regular reporting is important?2023-07-04T17:34:37+02:00

Regular reporting helps you monitor the performance of marketing activities, and presents results and recommendations to clients or company management. This proves the value and effectiveness of marketing.

How complicated it is to implement AI marketing?2023-07-04T10:27:47+02:00

The introduction of AI marketing depends on the size of the business and the expected level. However, there are AI-based marketing platforms and tools, which are easy to use and can be adapted to the needs of the business.

How long does online market research take??2023-07-03T18:06:34+02:00

The duration of online market research largely depends on the complexity and size of the project. For an average project, research and analysis can take several weeks, but this may vary based on specific needs and goals.

What services do you offer in the field of online market research??2023-07-03T18:04:41+02:00

We offer many services, including keyword research and expected traffic analysis, defining the target market, competitor analysis and free personal or telephone consultation.

Why video marketing is important?2023-07-04T16:10:47+02:00

Videos are becoming increasingly popular among online users, and can have a big impact on customer decisions. Video marketing helps you present your products or services, build a relationship with the target group, and increase brand awareness.

How to take advantage of location-based marketing on mobile devices?2023-07-04T16:36:32+02:00

Location-based marketing enables the display of targeted ads based on users' location. This gives you the opportunity to reach your local audience and show them personalized content.

Why keyword research is important?2023-07-05T10:24:53+02:00

Keyword research helps you determine, what keywords and phrases should be used in the content of the website, that the search engines, such as Google, they can easily find and rank it. This increases the visibility of the website, which attracts more visitors and potential customers.

What platforms can you run PPC ads on??2023-07-04T12:42:15+02:00

PPC ads can be run on many platforms, for example Google Ads, a Facebook Ads, a LinkedIn Ads, on Twitter Ads and many other online advertising platforms.

How to choose the right influencers?2023-07-04T15:54:44+02:00

When choosing an influencer, the compatibility of the target audience and brand values ​​must be taken into account, the credibility and engagement of the influencer, and follower engagement and content quality.

Mi az AI marketing?2023-07-04T10:25:23+02:00

AI marketing is the application of artificial intelligence to make marketing activities more effective. AI enables the analysis of large data sets, the creation of personalized content and offers, and optimization and automation of marketing campaigns.

What marketing strategy services do you offer??2023-07-05T14:12:34+02:00

SEO Hungary offers a wide range of marketing services, including marketing strategy development, digital marketing, SEO-t (search engine optimization), and social media marketing.

What is PPC advertising??2023-07-04T12:40:46+02:00

PPC ads are a form of online advertising, in which advertisers only pay when, when someone clicks on the ad. This enables efficient control and accurate measurement of costs.

What is data analysis and reporting?2023-07-04T17:33:31+02:00

Data analysis and reporting means analyzing marketing results and data for performance evaluation and decision making. This will help you understand, which marketing strategies work best, and where repairs are needed.

Why link building is important for SEO?2023-07-04T10:58:01+02:00

Link building is crucial for SEO, because search engines take links into account when ranking websites. Acquiring quality and relevant links improves your website's visibility and credibility for search engines.

What are the benefits of AI marketing??2023-07-04T10:25:57+02:00

AI marketing enables more efficient data processing, creating personalized content and offers, and optimization and automation of marketing campaigns. This increases efficiency, improves the user experience and makes marketing activities more effective.

What is technical SEO?2023-07-03T18:54:27+02:00

Technical SEO is the background elements of your website, such as speed, the mobile-friendly design, means optimizing XML sitemaps and robots.txt files.

What is the course of work?2022-04-30T10:55:13+02:00

1, we analyze your website, link profile 2, we look for the best keywords 3, we adjust the content accordingly 4, we promote your website

What is link building?2023-07-04T10:57:15+02:00

Link building is the process, during which we obtained quality and relevant links to our website from other reliable and relevant websites. This helps us rank and increase the credibility of our website.

What services does SEO Hungary offer in the field of keyword research?2023-07-05T10:26:49+02:00

SEO Hungary offers many keyword research services, including keyword research, competitor keyword research, long tail multi-word keyword research and local SEO keyword research.

What services do you offer when creating a WordPress website??2023-07-06T14:43:03+02:00

We offer many services when creating a WordPress website, including website design and development, creation of e-commerce websites, Creating SEO-friendly websites, and website maintenance and support.

What information do I receive during website analysis??2023-07-05T10:07:33+02:00

During the website analysis, you will receive a detailed report on the current state of your website, including errors, development opportunities and suggested steps to improve SEO performance.

What is local SEO keyword research?2023-07-05T10:29:09+02:00

During local SEO keyword research, we identify keywords such as, which generate the most traffic in local searches. This is especially important for local businesses, which focus on local customers.

How to do keyword research?2023-07-05T10:25:35+02:00

Keyword research consists of several steps, including collecting keyword ideas, analyzing the popularity and competitiveness of keywords, and the selection and implementation of keywords in the content of the website. Tools you can use in keyword research include Google Keyword Planner, a SEMrush, Ahrefs and others.

What types of links can you get in link building??2023-07-04T11:01:05+02:00

During link building, we can acquire different types of links, such as comments to a blog, the references (backlink), links in press releases, etc…

I also want to have a website, they can also help?2014-09-01T14:24:32+02:00

A lot of websites in recent years (more than 100) we made it mainly on CMS basis, so we are happy to make your website, but wordpress CMS best meets today's expectations, we recommend this. The design and features that fundamentally determine the operation of a website, conversion ability, if you create the website with us then none of it will be a problem.

What results can I expect from online market research?2023-07-03T18:07:35+02:00

The results of online market research help you better understand your customers, your competitors and market trends. You can use this information to optimize your website, your products and your marketing strategy, to reach your target market more effectively.

How website analysis helps to improve my SEO performance?2023-07-05T10:08:13+02:00

The website analysis helps to identify the weak points of your website, which hinder better Google ranking. The analysis helps to determine areas for improvement and the SEO strategy.

Why email marketing is important?2023-07-04T13:04:23+02:00

E-mail marketing is an effective tool for communicating with existing customers, in acquiring new customers and increasing brand awareness. Targeted and customized messages help to reach the target group and ensure more effective communication.

How to create effective email content?2023-07-04T13:05:10+02:00

The relevance of messages is important for creating effective e-mail content, personalization and provision of useful information. Email templates, headlines and calls to action (CTA) careful planning helps in effective communication.

How to optimize videos for search engines?2023-07-04T16:12:06+02:00

The optimized headlines, descriptions, keywords and metadata help increase the visibility of videos in search engines. That's important too, that the videos are well structured and properly tagged.

How link building helps my website?2023-07-04T10:58:45+02:00

Link building increases the credibility and ranking of your website in search engines. Quality and relevant links improve the visibility of your website, they increase the number of visitors and strengthen SEO.

What a guarantee I get?2014-09-01T14:58:17+02:00

We accept a successful award, so you don’t have to pay anything upfront, therefore, its materials do not take risks.

What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO??2023-07-03T18:53:37+02:00

On-page SEO is the elements within your website, for example, it means optimizing content and meta descriptions. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, is activities outside of your website, such as link building and social media marketing.

What are the advantages of using WordPress and WooCommerce when creating a webshop?2023-07-06T15:00:18+02:00

WordPress and WooCommerce are extremely user-friendly, therefore, it does not require programming skills to manage the webshop. In addition, there are many plugins and themes available, with which the functionality of the webshop can be customized and expanded. WordPress webshops can be easily optimized for search engines, which increases the Online store visibility and traffic.

What types of content can be created in influencer marketing?2023-07-04T15:55:27+02:00

During influencer marketing, we can create various contents, such as posts, pictures, videos, social media live streams, product tests or recommendations, and much more.

How SEO Hungary helps in developing a marketing strategy?2023-07-05T14:19:41+02:00

SEO Hungary's experts help define the company's marketing goals, they understand the target market, competitors are analyzed, and select effective marketing tools and tactics. They also help measure and evaluate the results of the strategy, to continuously improve marketing efforts.

What services does SEO Hungary offer as part of the marketing strategy?2023-07-05T14:21:00+02:00

SEO Hungary offers a wide range of marketing services, including marketing strategy development, digital marketing, SEO-t (search engine optimization), and social media marketing. These services help companies increase their online visibility, reach their target markets and increase their sales.

Why SEO-optimized content is important?2023-07-04T11:27:35+02:00

SEO-optimized content helps to increase the visibility of your website in search engines. The optimized keywords, metadata and other SEO elements help rank content and increase organic search traffic.

What services do you offer in the field of SEO??2023-07-03T18:51:22+02:00

We offer many services, including keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, technical SEO, SEO audit and competitor analysis.

What kind of online marketing work do you undertake?2022-04-30T11:01:48+02:00

Virtually everything from design to execution.

Why competitive analysis is important?2023-07-05T10:02:02+02:00

Competitive analysis helps you understand the market, identify competitors' strengths and weaknesses, and thereby improve our own online strategy.

What is SEO?2023-07-03T18:42:01+02:00

CLEANLINESS, or search engine optimization, that process, aimed at, to make your website perform better in search engines (for example in Google), increasing the organic traffic to your website (Unpaid) traffic.

What data should be taken into account during the CRO process?2023-07-04T17:21:58+02:00

Data analysis is important during the CRO process, such as the conversion rate, the abandonment rate, average visit time and other metrics. This allows you to identify problems and opportunities for improvement.

What is WooCommerce and how it helps you create a webshop?2023-07-06T14:59:36+02:00

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin for WordPress, which allows you to create a fully functional online store. WooCommerce has many features, including product management, integration of payment methods, setting up taxes and shipping, and much more.

What types of data are analyzed during reporting?2023-07-04T17:34:06+02:00

During reporting, we analyze various data, for example website traffic statistics, conversion rates, advertising performance, campaign ROI and user behavior.

What is the role of A/B testing in conversion optimization??2023-07-04T17:22:26+02:00

A/B testing allows you to compare website variables, to define, which version results in the highest conversion rate. This will help you choose the best versions and optimize them.

What is content marketing?2023-07-04T11:25:00+02:00

Content marketing is a strategy, aimed at, to create and share valuable and relevant content with the target audience. It helps in building relationships, in increasing engagement and building brand loyalty.

What are the elements of a good marketing strategy??2023-07-05T14:17:49+02:00

A good marketing strategy involves defining your target audience, competitor analysis, the determination of company goals, the selection of marketing tools and tactics, and measuring and evaluating the results of the strategy.

Who would you recommend your service to??2022-04-30T11:04:19+02:00

We are mainly smaller companies, SME, we target individual companies. Our capacity is finite, not our target market is multis.

What services do you offer when creating a WordPress webshop??2023-07-06T15:01:08+02:00

We offer many services when creating a WordPress webshop, including webshop design and development, integration of payment methods, Creating SEO-friendly webshops, as well as the maintenance and support of the webshop.

What is a long tail multi-word keyword, and why it is important?2023-07-05T10:28:22+02:00

Long tail keywords are longer, more specific terms, which are less competitive, but result in a higher conversion rate. These keywords are often highly relevant to users' specific searches, therefore, they are more likely to lead to a conversion.

What is the role of keyword research in PPC advertising?2023-07-04T12:42:49+02:00

Keyword research helps you find relevant keywords, with which potential customers search for your business. This will help you optimize your PPC ads, increase advertising effectiveness and conversion rates.

What is video marketing?2023-07-04T16:10:09+02:00

Video marketing is such a strategy, in which we communicate with the target audience using videos, we present the products or services, and increase brand awareness. Videos convey messages effectively and clearly.

What information can I get about the competitors during the competitive analysis?2023-07-05T10:02:45+02:00

During the competitive analysis, you can get information about your competitors' websites, About your SEO strategies,about your advertising strategies and content marketing strategies.

How do I get first in the search engine?2022-04-30T10:58:45+02:00

These are not enough these days, if your goal, that 1-2 will be ranked first in the search engine then you are on the wrong track. Our goal is to be known and trusted, we communicate this. Be available on all online channels, so you will be popular and successful. We will help you with that!

How to improve your website conversion rate?2023-07-04T17:21:15+02:00

There are several methods available to improve your website conversion rate, such as optimizing the user experience, improving CTAs, testing the arrangement of elements and data-driven decision making.

How much does search engine optimization cost?2022-04-30T11:08:57+02:00

This is an unanswered question unfortunately because no specific work is defined. You can find some pre-designed packages on our website for a starting price, of course we can deviate from that, but you need to know the project, to that, to make an offer.

Why PPC ads are important?2023-07-04T12:41:29+02:00

PPC ads can be an effective way to reach your target audience, increasing website traffic and conversions. We can achieve immediate results, and we can manage costs and campaigns flexibly.

What types of videos can be made in video marketing?2023-07-04T16:11:25+02:00

During video marketing, different types of videos can be created, for example demonstration videos, instructional videos, customer reports, promotional videos, interviews or live broadcasts.

What data does AI marketing use??2023-07-04T10:26:54+02:00

AI marketing uses many data sources, such as demographic data, online behavioral data, purchase history and user preferences. With the help of algorithms and machine learning, this data is analyzed and used for personalized marketing activities.

What is mobile marketing?2023-07-04T16:34:31+02:00

Mobile marketing is an online marketing strategy, which focuses on communication and promotions through mobile devices. Its goal, to reach mobile users, increase brand awareness and improve user experience.

I don't know you, how do i trust you?2022-04-30T11:28:40+02:00

Understandable! Mi 15 We have been dealing with online marketing for years, we started with our own things and achieved success, that is why we continued with our customers (we were hosting providers). We have references, most of which are not public, but if you ask we will send you an email. We still operate servers. We have a computer shop, we are also physically present. We have an office where we also receive clients, come and ask for a free consultation.

How long does the website analysis take??2023-07-05T10:06:48+02:00

Website analytics in general 1-2 it lasts for a week, depending, how big your website is and how detailed analysis you want.

How to increase the effectiveness of email campaigns?2023-07-04T13:05:55+02:00

We can increase the effectiveness of e-mail campaigns by segmenting the target group, by testing and analyzing the results, by personalizing messages, with timing and automation.

What types of businesses are website analytics recommended for??2023-07-05T10:08:50+02:00

Website analysis is recommended for all types of businesses, which wants to improve its online presence and competitiveness in the digital market.

What is marketing strategy?2023-07-05T14:11:11+02:00

A marketing strategy is a plan used by companies, which defines, how they achieve their marketing goals. Strategy includes the company's products or services, the target market, and that, how they intend to reach potential customers.

With what experience, have a reference in the field of SEO?2014-09-01T14:28:01+02:00

We have worked for a lot of companies and still work today, most of the references are not public at the request of the customers, we can only present this by e-mail if you request a quote.

Why is a mobile-friendly website important??2023-07-04T16:35:12+02:00

It is provided by the mobile-friendly website, so users can easily access information and features from their mobile devices. This increases user satisfaction, improve conversion rates and help you rank higher in mobile search results.

Why influencer marketing is important?2023-07-04T15:54:00+02:00

Influencer marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness. Influencers have a high commitment to their followers, and are able to influence customer decisions and the relationship with the brand.

Mi az az e-mail marketing?2023-07-04T13:03:44+02:00

Email marketing is an online marketing tool, which enables the targeted sending of messages and content to customers and potential customers via e-mail. It helps to keep in touch, in acquiring new customers and increasing brand awareness.

What are the advantages of using WordPress when creating a website?2023-07-06T14:42:05+02:00

WordPress is extremely user-friendly, thus, it does not require programming knowledge to manage websites. In addition, there are many plugins and themes available, with which the functionality of the website can be customized and expanded. A WordPress websites can be easily optimized for search engines, which increases website visibility and traffic.

What is online market research?2023-07-03T18:03:53+02:00

Online market research is market analysis in the digital space, which helps businesses better understand their target market, their competitors and the needs of potential customers. With its help, you can get quick and effective feedback about your products or services, and you can gain insight into market trends and consumer habits.

How much does a website analysis cost??2023-07-05T10:06:05+02:00

The price of the service varies, depending, what in-depth analysis you need. please, contact us for details.

How to use SMS marketing effectively?2023-07-04T16:35:53+02:00

SMS marketing can be effective, if we send relevant and timed messages to our target audience. Good target group segmentation is important, the short and understandable messages, and the permission-based approach.

How WooCommerce helps with SEO?2023-07-06T15:01:55+02:00

WooCommerce has many SEO-friendly features, including clear URLs, the meta tags, and content optimization. In addition, there are many SEO plugins available for WordPress, which help to further optimize your webshop for search engines.